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cindy harris
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Cassel, so you know your Awesome I do plan on taking a Class after this one, you got me into this now

It does take me well this last one about 4 and 5 hrs because my desk isnt set up like yours I hunt and takes me forever

but liking this now. Starting Tue I have to go back to normal hours, this is my last play day lol till the weekend.

I am going to stay and you a while 🙂 I have to get my 2020 I bought set up, like how yours is in your teachings. Hey

do you ever do Phone Help? Do you have a price option? Or could I come to canada and meet at the library or something lol

making me crazy I cant get my program looking working right. but I will I know. its getting better. thanks

wished I could find a psp person near me… In Arkansas lol p.s I cant log on your supply site, I requested password a few

times. thanks