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Trudie, that is such a fun layout. The colors are perfect for that photo!!!

Peggy, after the Bootcamp, you might want to look further into your DIAMOND membership for all the tutorials to create your own embellishments to suit your own projects. But let’s concentrate on the Bootcamp for now!

Henry, for future similar frames, you can use a vector path, which is easier to tweak, and then use one of the famous vector scripts, probably the VectorTube script. But that might be for later.

Inam, those beads look more proportional now. Where did you get those lovely stars? They seem to be picture tubes, but I don’t remember seeing those in PSP. Did you purchase them or download them somewhere? They are lovely! And if you start doing scrapbooking with PSP, yes, it will be a great hobby to keep you busy when it is too cold outside!

Patricia, I hope you are hungry now that it is time to eat that sandwich! Good work. For your first project, I think you rotated that decoration to fit on the top right. Unfortunately, that cluster was made to look in a certain direction and rotating it changes the shadows and the arrangement. I have not mentioned it in the video (because I didn’t know anyone would use clusters) but they will have specific shadows that don’t allow rotations or mirroring. The most obvious detail is the shadow on the apple; on the top version, it has a shadow on the ceiling!

Cindy, let us know what you are still missing in your settings and we will help. To answer your question about the diversity of the projects, some participants have started later than others, but also, everyone is using a different image and might be using different kits they might have downloaded or purchased and finally, everyone has their own interpretation of a single idea. That is the beauty of this hobby and the power of the program!

Cyndi, your first project is good looking. I see the shadows are consistent. You can probably allow the shadows to be larger on the flower to give it some dimension. The only detail I would suggest you change (but you don’t have to repost) is the text on the flower; would it make sense to have writing on a flower? I think it would easily fit on the top left of the flower, on the pink paper. You will see that I tend to be a bit picky about realism and impossible layering 🙂

Get ready for the third project, tomorrow! And to prepare you, it will use THREE photos so look around your pictures to find a few that are on the same topic (same person, same event, same location, etc.)