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Patricia, you will see that digital scrapbooking is a fun way to showcase your photos, without the cost AND the space needed for storing all the supplies. And then, you can use the same techniques for many other projects afterward using PSP. Looking forward to seeing your “homework”. And if you ever get stuck, we are here to help.

Liese, sometimes, the Text tool won’t be highlighted if you happen to have more than one layer highlighted (since the text cannot be applied to more than one layer). But it looks like you managed to get it done? One thing that would add even more dimension is to apply some drop shadows and MAYBE use a thicker font for the text simply because it is currently on a “busy” background. Thin letters are easier to read on solid or almost solid background while thicker fonts are easier to read if the background is busier. And remember that trial and error is a must: it allows you to also experiment without any mess. That is when the Ctrl-Z shortcut is so useful!