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Jnet, nice contrast from summer photo to winter photos!

Karon, that is a great layout. It is nice that you have a date on it so you will not have to remember it and then you can share it too.

Liese, what file format was the paper you got the error on? If it is a jpg, it should not give any error as it is a standard format. Maybe you used a different file by accident?

Aletha, glad to hear that you learned some things. That is the purpose. We have a total of 7 lessons: one for installation/setup, one for layers and 5 for specific projects.

Sorry for the delay. Those replies were posted but ended up on the wrong thread. Reposting them now.

Graham, of course, you can use ANY picture and ANY topic you want to showcase a story, so airplanes are fine!

Henry, that is quite alright. I agree that many scrapbook kits are somewhat “girly” even if they don’t have a girl theme. Did you make the frame yourself? It is pretty cool.

Inam, I think it would be a great cover page. The only thing I would suggest is to reduce the size of the spread of beads. Those should, in fact, be very small. You could even have several copies on that page to show some of them “scattered”.

Peggy, that is a great theme. Remember that whatever order you make your pages, you can always reorder them later! As for the leaves, is it possible that you enlarged them? It is something to avoid as it gives a blurred look, especially beside that crisp butterfly.

Gwen, because flowers are thicker than papers, you can set a shadow to have a larger offset and a higher setting for the blur. That will give the impression that it is thicker. As for the previous project, is the version you see on your computer the same as the one posted? I have seen that happen when someone posts the “wrong” version. But it is ok, if you have the shadow, maybe it shows more on the full size project too and just not so much on the resized version.

Cindy, for opening a new image, what is the unit you are using? Are you able to make a screenshot of what you get when it changes to 6666? I find it odd, so maybe there is another setting that affects it. You can send me that screenshot ATTACHED to an email? I’ll look at it. For the photos you posted here, be very careful to not distort your images. When you resize them ALWAYS use a corner “handle” to resize to keep the proportions. If you compare the image with the little hand on the window, you posted it initially early in the Bootcamp. When you used it the next time, the  hand looked squished and tall, and on this one, it looks a little squished and wider. HERE is a tutorial for resizing images.

Dorothy, why didn’t you add her name on the layout? That will be a fun album on a single theme!

Cindy, I have a blog post about how I set mine up. You can read it HERE. Let me k now if you need more details, although I do have most of that in the Day 1 video.

Helen, you got more snow than that this year too. No picture for it? 🙂