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Henry, what makes you doubt your work? Everyone’s style is different, even if you all follow the same tutorial, you will have different photos, different stories and different preferences. You can start that scrapbook now, or just “practice” first and get into the full project later. It is up to you. As for your layout, I would only suggest to reduce the offset of the shadows on the text which would make it a bit easier to read.

Lydia, that is such a fun sandwich! I am sure any child would love to eat it!

Diana, that is what I thought that it was one of those frames. I don’t tend to use them, but maybe I should. I have to say that the contrast is stunning between the “original” photo and the end result you got with the work. Very inspiring.

Trudie, that is a fun project. I see that you used “shadows” in different directions, but in your layout, it does work because even though it is the “Drop shadow” command, it does not look like it is meant as a shadow, but more as an emphasis. That is good!

Gwen, great arrangement for that layout! Have you added some shadows on the plants? I think it would add some dimension but make sure you don’t have a large offset as they are still supposed to be flat on the paper!

Look forward to the next project tomorrow! And don’t worry if you are a little late; with two days between projects, it should help you catch up.