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Dorothy, I am not 100% sure what you are referring to when you mentioned but is it possible that you had the “Home” tab active? That is what opens by default. If you want to skip that page in the future and go to the Edit tab, you can go to File > Preferences > General Program Preferences and on the left, click on Tabs, then on the right pane, click the button for Set Edit as Default. From this point on, whenever you start your PSP, you will go to the Edit tab. As for your lunch, it is interesting that you added a side order of fries. That is quite tempting!

Henry, trial and error is a great way to explore PSP and its functionalities. I have discovered a lot through trial and error! And you ended up with a great sandwich. I hope you had fun too.

Gwen, it looks like you changed the color of the dishes. That is great!

Cindy, you are more than welcome. I have built this whole site to help PSP users, and if I can help you, that is all I want. And thank you for your compliments and rose. And “Pour Cindy” is French from Jnet meaning “For Cindy”.

Welcome Lydia. Looking forward to seeing all of your projects. On your first layout, have you considered using black shadows instead of white? It will probably give more of a 3D effect.

Jnet, I think you might have used a shadow offset a bit too large for the string. It should be flat on the paper (except on the ends if you wanted) so the offset should be little (max of 10). See if that can be adjusted?

Inam, your shadows are good. However, if you look at the layering of your elements, would it really make sense to have a string on top of a flower? Without changing anything else, you can just rearrange the layers to “move” the string (and its shadow) under the flowers. Because of the obvious pattern of the background, you might want to have the title in a thicker font, so it would be easier to read (same for the text under the photo). But it is up to you to know how it looks in full size (since we only have a resized version). It might look different.

Karon, that is a fun layout. Since the letters of the title and the background are similar in color, you might want to consider a more obvious shadow to make the title stand out. Glad to see that you already showcased the photo you had chosen right from the start.

Sally, looking forward to seeing your grandson’s photo on a full page! Good looking sandwich!

Aletha, if you don’t like green, not a problem. After all, you are the artist when creating those pages. I see you added shadows to all the elements, but you also added a bevel to some elements that didn’t really need any even though it gives a different look. I find that the bevel on the flowers makes them look like sugar (OK maybe I am hungry!).

Peggy, lovely photo. I love those embellishments. Did you use a kit? Do you have the reference to what kit it is? If you were to use a dark solid color for the title, it would be easier to read (no need to have a stroke around it).

Hi Lyn. Welcome to the Bootcamp. You mention you are from Australia. I hope you are safe from all those forest fires?

Liese, you are welcome. I agree with you that an open sandwich can be good. I tend to take my hot chicken sandwiches like that too. When you mention sketching, are you talking about drawing? If so, will you show us some of your sketches?

Still waiting for more lurkers to post something 🙂