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cindy harris
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Hi You all, Omg Cassle I got in bc2 I know you can see what a mess I did but to me Oh my gosh I think I am the bomb lol NOT I really was deep in layers its to late for me to be doing this but I hate to be behind so I just kept on. Ill do better I just wanted to catch up so bad. Cassel your awesome, if I was you ild pull my hair out by all my help me messages .
the rose on the plate is for You… and Big cyber hugs going to sleep. I didnt do like my lession I tried but then just went all freelance to try to get it done but You said we can always go back so I Promise I am going to get it the way you showed on your video I just didnt want to be last behind. thank You
this is fun Oh man did I need some fun we have 24 people now who died from this new flu in arkansa
so scared my grandsons sick 🙁 hes the sweetest lil boy Love reading you guys messages your all so cool. ok night got to get some zzzs in. 2 hrs till sunup zzzz
the hot coco has mashmellos and the bread is that 9 grain with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and seasme seeds ect lol