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Thank you Aletha, you were faster than I was responding to Cindy (timezones I guess).

Cindy, sorry I could not respond on time (I was sleeping!) but as you see, this community is very helpful. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. The multiple directories are simply because I have 14 versions installed. Yours is ok.

Dorothy, the Essential vs Complete workspace is on the Home tab on top. Do you see the little house icon? Once you click there, that is where it should have the option. If you keep the Essential workspace (which is what you have as per your screenshot), you will be “missing” a few commands. Can you check that?

Karon, long time no see it seems. Lovely cat. Looking forward to how you will display your photo!

Helen, we will “meet” your family now! How exciting!

Trudie, the “background” change in color is for when the images are tabbed. If you have them UNtabbed, like I recommend, what you see behind the images won’t change based on the “background”. It might seem a little confusing because, really, it is IN the background. So, don’t worry. If you keep your images UNtabbed, it won’t make a difference.

Graham, it will be nice to travel with you through your photos. Looking forward to it!

Aletha, although we don’t NEED a good pic in order to tell our story, that particular photo of yours could use a simple process to improve. Check this article and see what you can do. It is always fun when we can improve the photos we already have. It is like taking the photo again!