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Karon Dey
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Hi All,

Tink from Florida here. I have been using PSP since Jasc owned it; and I still have lots to learn about the program. I have 2020 Ultimate which I preordered (I’m just can’t seem to wait). My user interface is all small and dark grey background. I have the standard toolbar as well as a customized toolbar for the adjustment and effects I use the most. I also have a script toolbar that includes my most used scripts that are bound (thanks for that tip Carol). To right is the overview, materials and script output palettes, one on top of the other. To the left of them is my layers palette. I am fortunate enough to have two hi-def monitors with one being a touchscreen. I do have a tablet and pen; but don’t have enough room on my current desk for it. The picture is of Cat which I will using.