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Aletha, whenever you resize to 600 pixels, you have to make sure that the image stays proportional, so it might be 600 pixels in width, and it might be a different height. There is no need to make it 600×600, unless you start with a square image (like a scrapbook page for example).

Inam, next time I have a chance to go to Corel, I’ll try to remember that you are also in Ottawa!

Henry, that would be a great album to create to showcase all that work of hers! Looking forward to read more about it.

Claire, welcome! Who is that beauty?

Liese, yes, the tutorial was recorded using PSP2019, so it should look familiar to you! And who is that baby? Is this going to be the star of your projects?

Colleen, I hope you saw that I was able to retrieve your initial post from the email notification I got. I added it to oa previous post of yours. It must have been a glitch (oh the technology!)

Peggy, happy to see you back!

Dorothy, you will see that even if you have PSP2020, it is almost identical to PSP2019 in the videos. You won’t feel lost.

Diana, are you using the old JASC PSP7 or a newer Corel PSPX7?

Leslie, looking forward to seeing you showcasing that woodworking. So many hobbies and topics can be the theme of a scrapbook album as there are always stories to tell.

Trudie, what version are you using?

Jnet, bon retour!

I know we have MANY lurkers. Come and say hi. If you don’t have time to do the lesson, you can still just say so. If you start late, it is ok too!