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Leslie Gifford Cook
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Hi Cassel,

Looks like I may be the first for the Jan 2020 Bootcamp.  I’m new to PSP, although I’ve had the software since 2016.  Until I retired I didn’t have, (couldn’t find) the time to learn to use it.  I’m now doing quite a bit of Woodturning in the warmer months and am looking for ways to best display my works online.  I’m not sure scrapbooking will be the answer but I’m sure the techniques will be very useful.  I’ve included a picture of one of my class projects for use in then next few days.  I have quite a few more pictures when the time comes.


PS – I have now played with the background settings for my workspace.  Changed from Dark to Medium.  As for the workspaces themselves, I think I’ll keep most open as reminders that they are there.  I’ll likely close the Learning Centre and the Organizer in a few days.

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