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Jan Wilson
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Annie, I doubt there would be an Aussie who would not be moved by this footage.

Had an extremely smoke filled day today (Sunday 13th) due to the rain that fell, but only very lightly here.  Other coastal places up and down the coast from Qld to Victoria got more  It pushed the smoke down to the ground and made it a dangerous day to venture outside so staying indoors with windows and doors shut was the only option if one possibly could.  I suffered today from ‘storm asthma’ that had surfaced again days ago during the main fire days brought on by the smoke, ash and strong winds.

Milder conditions and indeed a bit of rain has eased the fire situation and hopefully this will last.  Glad you were safe in Bundaberg and you get some rain and lets hope no Cyclones form and head in – thats all that is needed your way.