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Annie Tobin
  • 1986
  • Superfan

Jan, I have watched this and as a fellow Aussie it broke my heart. It is a beautiful tribute for such a disaster … and, it still goes on with no relief in sight. Here in Queensland we have not had our spring rains. The ground is crispy, crunchy to walk on with no sign of green except where people are hand watering to keep their plants alive. Even this is not being very effective as our trees and shrubs appear to be dying from the top down. Bundaberg appears to be out of the danger zone for now but we were smoke affected for most of spring and the beginning of summer due to the fires in the surrounding rural areas. Our local firies did a truly brilliant job. Today we have a little cloud cover but the forecast says a 6% chance of precipitation, 2 mm. But, everyday the forecast has been similar and no such thing has eventuated. Sunburnt Country indeed. For those who have never heard of our poet Dorothea Mackellar below is a link to her famous poem “My Country”. I think this poem resonates in the heart of most Aussies even through these most trying of times.