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For those who might have been following this thread, here is the explanation of what was happening:

– the initial image, although it had nice curves, it was created with feathering, which means that the pixels were fainter, however, using the Magic Wand, it selected all the pixels, no matter if they were faint or not, making a “flat” selection, and from there, the expansion was also flat. That is just the way the starting image was.

Here is how I managed to get something “better”:

  1. the starting image was about 2000 pixels wide. I resized it to 200%, which gave more pixels to work with. I know it will add a blur, but it can be sized back afterward.
  2. I selected the lace (in black) and used the Smooth command to soften any “corner” created by the square pixels and the Magic Wand.
  3. I expanded by 10 pixels (I guess one can choose how much they want to expand) and ran the Smooth command again. This yielded a better edge with more curves than that initial flat edge.
  4. Now, on a new raster layer, I could add that color and by rearranging the layers, I would get that look.
  5. Once done, the whole project can be sized back to the initial dimensions if needed.

Even though PSP can do a lot, sometimes, we are limited by the starting supplies we have.