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Thank you cassĀ  have read, not sure I understand, will try later, bit confused on the start, do you have to chose a gradient you already have and change it or is it making a gradient from the post you are creating like the gradient script does.

Yes, Trish, the Gradient Fill is meant to “fill with a gradient”, so you have to have a gradient selected. So the FIRST step is to select the gradient you want to add, and THEN, with the Gradient Fill, you “draw” the angle you want it on. From there, you can manipulate the gradient directly on your work, by changing the angle, changing the colors, or changing the nodes.

The Gradient Creator (if that is the script you are referring to), is meant to create gradients from an image you have (maybe a sunset for example). Then, that gradient will be saved in your list of available gradients that you can use later. It is not meant to create and apply a gradient to an image but to “extract” one.