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Jackie, on your Day 4, a title can always be added later, and if you use an alphabet or thick blocky letters, it can stand out just fine on that background. Don’t worry. The inspiration for a title might just come later. Remember to add a date and name for that layout so anyone looking at it would know who it is and when it was taken.

Ann, I think the background looks fine. You can always make it a solid color that is different if you want. Or, if you keep your page with the layers intact, you might find other papers later and you can change it. That is the beauty of the DIGITAL scrapbooking! You can always change your mind!

Peggy, that is a lovely layout with those photos of your parents. I heard of a way to take out the reddish colors of older photos. I’ll have to dig a bit and make a tutorial on that. I also have some older photos affected that way. I am sure many of us do.

Trish, that is a fun font you have. I love the interlacing you did with the ribbons!

Barb, adding those shadows really make it look more dimensional! Good work. However, I THINK you forgot them (or shared the unshadowed version) for the Day 6 project.

Carole, I agree that blending those papers really gives a soft look overall. I think your shadows are a bit large as far as offset is concerned, especially on some elements like the confetti. For the Frame, it works well, but the confetti seem to float. Do you see what I mean?

Andrew, lovely use of the kit and the frame. You might want to add a date to that layout to really pinpoint that event.

Jerri, did you try the settings given. If it is not working, what does it do instead of what you want?

Gwen, if you don’t find the emails, there should be one, tomorrow, with a list of all the previous links and passwords just in case one email is lost in cyberspace. Still, have a look in your spam, just in case.