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Sue Thomas
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What a delightful card you  made Helen.   May I suggest that you use a small inner bevel on the tree trunk, to  round it  slightly.    I was out the other day taking photos, seeing as the weather was  pleasantly mild.  Here is a  macro shot of a tiny wild native Prairie  Aster.  Most of its seeds have  been blown away by the wind.  I framed it last night, and gave it a title.  I added a pattern, and a texture in this frame.  Which  was easy to do.    Flood fill the border with the  colour of your choice, on a new layer flood fill with  the pattern, reduce the opacity of the pattern to about 45-50.  A greyish pattern works best.  1920’s pattern comes with  PSP 2018 and 19.   Merge  the two layers visible.  Inner bevel.   To use a  texture in a frame, add borders, flood fill with  the chosen background colour,  magic wand select border,  select  the foreground colour, which should be lighter in colour and TEXURE selected from the material palette and flood fill.  Inner bevel.