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Wow! I go to bed and I come back to a lot of great work!!! Yet, my previous post disappeared. I apologize if you were waiting for it.

Ann, it is interesting how you did use the dandelion. Typically, I would have tried to make it a 3D element, but you used it in a great way that probably looks better than what I would have done in 3D. I love that resulting paper.

Jerri, you kept the layered version of the page, didn’t you? YOu can easily change Friendship to something else to go with how they are more than friends now in that layout! When you mentioned a problem adding the border around the photo, was it for the Day 6 project? Where are you getting stuck? Are you using the Select Selection Border?

Henry, that is a great hobby to document. It is one of those stories that we live through but often just keep in our hear. You can make other pages with various projects she makes. As for the layout, double-check your shadows. I think a couple of them were either forgotten, or the layer might have been hidden when you saved the jpg version.

Julie, thank you for your kind words about my teaching style. On your Day 1 project, you can surely add more shadows to get your elements to pop out more (especially that photo).

Carole, on the Day 5 and Day 6 projects, I think the shadows are either missing or very small. Without going overboard, you can probably make them a bit larger.

Andrew, your Day 6 project shows well how you used different size shadows for the photos and the flower. It does make a difference, don’t you think? You had fun with the multicolored title. I hope you will find other opportunities to use that technique!

Jackie, welcome to the bootcamp! Glad you find the tutorial instructive. For your Day 1, I think you need to add more obvious shadows. That might help with that balance too as it will show some dimension to the elements.

Lynn, you went all out on the shadows for Day 5. Did you also add a bevel of the elements? they all look fairly thick while very consistent so the overall is good!

Connie, were you trying to use the Select Selection Border command to add the borders around the photos? If you used the Brush tool instead, you can see how there are often multiple ways to achieve the same result in PSP. It is so flexible!

Barb, did you use an offset of 0 on the shadows? They seem to be even all around the papers and photo. That could be a great way to give some definition if the papers and the background are of a similar color. However, you need to add some shadows on the right and bottom (so with a positive offset) to them give more “thickness” to them. But you can definitely keep the shadow you have, and add more. Nice goat. How many do you have (or do they have)?