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Henry, if you are ever stuck on something, don’t hesitate to post a question or drop me an email!

Lynn, I had to enlarge the image to realize why you called it Peek-a-boo! Good one!

Andrew, that is a good idea to blur the faces of people you don’t have permission to use. That is very thoughtful. I am glad to see that you noticed the absence of shadows and I am glad you added it to the same post. It makes the comparison even more obvious. Doesn’t it make a big difference?

Connie, no problem in being “behind”. You are catching up already. On your last layout, is it possible that the left-side picture was slightly distorted?

Peggy, your layout is great. Since you kept the layered version, once you have your computer battery charged back, you can try to improve the photos with Adjust > Brightness and Contrast > Levels. You might be surprised by what could be achieved. If not, let me know and I’ll send you the ebook on 8 tips to improve your photos. You can often save photos like that.