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Welcome, Ann. For a first scrapbook layout, you did great, and I love the photo and the story of your cats. You might want to even add that story on your layout, in the future. It is a really cool one!

Gwen, that is interesting that you put the spoon on top of the plate. I remember putting spoons there, when I was a kid. But not sure where or when I lost that habit!

Andrew, I don’t think that the flower is too much. In fact, I think it adds balance to that corner.

Lynn, I agree that the pictures taken from Facebook are of very low quality, but for this exercise and posting a sized down version, it does not cause any issue. If you keep the full size page in pspimage format, maybe you can ask your friend for the “original” from her phone directly?

Welcome Carole! What size did you resize your image? it is very small. Do you think you can size down the original to 600 pixels so we can appreciate it more? a bit larger images will give you an opportunity to see more of the details.

Peggy, is it possible that you resized the photo more in one direction than the other? It looks like you resized it vertically more than horizontally, which distorts a bit that lovely baby! You said you had problems with the text. Did you fix the problem or are you still struggling? For font viewers, there is an article HERE about TheFontThing, which is the best font viewer, in my opinion.

Jerri, your layout is very much in that Thanksgiving theme. Good job. Did you add the darker edges on the pieces of papers yourself or was it already done? It certainly gives a great effect.

Looking forward to more of your work.

And for the dozens of other “silent” participants, don’t be shy to show us what you are doing. We are all here to encourage you.