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Sue Thomas
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At the moment I’m in  a frame making, frame of mind!  Pardon the pun.   I took a look at the latest lab tutorials last night. Thought I’d try them out.  It’s hardly a proper scrapbook page, but then  anything goes in scrapbooking.  This is a male  American Goldfinch, I shot the other day.  Most unusual to still see the odd one so late in the year.  I hope he makes his migratory journey from Canada,  through America to Mexico safely.   Stitch line style, wood fence and kidnap alfa.  It’s  not on the road theme, well not exactly,  but  on the wing.

Thank you all for your very kind comments  on my photography, and pages, it’s always encouraging and very much appreciated.  Each time I come onto the form, it’s a real joy to see the work being created.  They give me  ideas, and it’s  like taking an educational trip a round the world.  Well done to one  and all.  Trish, I didn’t edit the photo, it was  already frosted.   Again thank you, and happy psping.