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Bonnie Ballentine
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Beautiful work, Annie…as usual. I love the way you find photos on the web if you don’t have the photo you need.

My road trip was last January from Virginia to Florida. Pickleball related…ambassador’s retreat. I used the template from this month’s lab but turned off a bunch of layers. I also tried the kidnap alpha part of the Lab lessons. Didn’t like the first one I made and changed the colors. Works much better with my page. My friend, Helen, is in the photo with me. She and I played basketball together for years. She is 10 years my junior and eventually I moved up to my own age group. In senior competition you can play down if you choose. She is my “boss” in the pickleball world and a breast cancer survivor. She gifted me the shirt I am wearing. We are both Alpha Females so we do butt heads on occasion. Still we are friends. I will attend the retreat again January, 2020.