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Sharon Wilke
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Michele I love your Halloween Theme Park! I know the kids will love it too.  I also love what you create with the punches. They’re just fantastic.

Hello to Trish! Now I know what you look like. I don’t have a photo of myself. I’m afraid to ask anyone to take a picture because I’m afraid I’ll break their camera. I love your cakes especially the one with the flowers. They’re just beautiful!

Cristina your snowy adventure looks like a lot of fun! Outstanding work on the Lab modules!

Annie I also wanted to say hello to you! Is your computer behaving now? I know at one time you were having issues with it. I hope everything is okay!

I quickly put together an experiement of sorts. I attended the webinar today and I wanted to do as much as I could remember before I forget it all. I chose the easier one because I’ll have to wait on the notebook to muddle through the other one. I used a photo from Unsplash and I really didn’t want to change it because I love just like it is. I hope the poor girl doesn’t mind me making her a witch. I threw a gradient trial I’ve been working on for several days. I hope ya’ll don’t look at it too critically. I need a big learning curve!