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Just to help with legibility, I am copying here, the instructions from the Facebook post:

Here are the instructions for creating the triple framed project. If there’s something I haven’t explained properly let me know and I’ll try to elaborate. Choose a photo, Selection, select all. Selections, modify contract to personal choice. It will all depend on the size of your project. This applies to all settings.
Selections, invert. 3D effects, inner bevel. Bevel 7. In the tool bar on the left side choose the emboss brush. Hardness 50, size bigger than frame, everything else 100. Play with the blend mode, I like to use luminance on some projects. Using the alt key, click on the edge and then click on the opposite edge, until you have gone a round the frame. Select none. Paste as a new layer, increase canvas size. Duplicate framed photo, resize 75%, all layers unchecked.
Duplicate again if you want a triple frame.
It’s important that everything is aligned centre. Using the pick tool, set to perspective, adjust each framed photo. Remembering to align centre afterwards.
Finally use a drop shadow. Some photos are better suited for this type of framing. Wild Dartmoor ponies on Dartmoor, UK. A Xmas card I made last year for family living in Cornwall. I’m sure I posted it last year on here.