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Kim and Shirley, simple is quite ok as long as you have a chance to practice those layers commands and get to understand how they work. Layers are such an essential part of manipulating images, scrapbook pages, and other projects. Without layers, you would just be painting, which is so much more limiting with such a powerful program.

Ken, welcome to the bootcamp.

Mireille and Cristina, I have to say that I did consider using those toppings too in the exercise file, but I decided to keep the file exactly as in the video, but yes, it looks delicious! For anyone looking at those projects, don’t think that you HAVE to make your sandwich this elaborate. Mireille and Cristina are long-time members AND have done this bootcamp more than once so they keep adding something new every time!

Kim, good start. Did you add shadows to your elements? If you add shadows to a full-size project, you can be more “generous” with the settings, even if you are going to size it down later.

Shirley, your first page is great and isn’t it nice to be able to showcase that precious photo in the process?