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Annie, I am surprised (and disappointed) that your PSP2019 crashed on you. That is no good. You still managed to make a great display of your elements. Those sunsets and sunrises photos are so great! Your double page with the text is great. Did you paint the words in different colors or did you change it with the Text tool?

Alicia, it is great to scatter photos when there is no specific order to them, like such a visit you did. Did you see the high/low tides at Fundy? Your Day 6 might benefit from a different font for the text. Maybe that is because it is a little hard to read that you are not 100% satisfied? Just a thought.

Sharon, I agree with you that the photos from Unsplash are great. That is why I mentioned them as featured resource in the blog! I love those roosters. They do add colors too! Would you want to print out the pages you created with your son’s photos? He might like that!

Sue, that was a nice panorama and choosing to feature birds is a great match too. Curious to know how you created that effect on the text? Your Day 6 project is great. I know how tedious it is to place all those beads. Maybe I’d need to make a script for that!

Cheryle, I am glad to see your photos of Greece. I have never been there so it is like travelling in your suitcase with you! Using multiple slats on a single image yields a great effect.

Lynda, I certainly would also have a chuckle with that sign. I had never heard of such an event, and with all the colors, I would have thought it would be more “visible” in the news! What do they do with the cars after? Are they left there for another “coat” of paint the following year?

For anyone who is not done with their projects, don’t stop. The thread will stay open for you to add your upcoming projects as they are created.