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Annie Tobin
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Hi Scrapbook Campers.  Over the past couple of weeks I have been having issues with PSP 2019 Ultimate.  Well it finally crashed and no amount of uninstalling/reinstalling would save the day.  Interestingly I was having the same issues with PSP X8.  I have now uninstalled both of them and I am back to using PSP X7 which I have always loved.  In losing 2019 and X8 I lost a ton of picture tubes and for that I shed a few frustrated tears and I have been sulking … as you do!  Eventually I decided that sulking was doing me absolutely no good so I shall just have to have fun creating them all again… ;D  I lost a lot that I had purchased though so I will have to try and locate the downloads to see if I can rescue them.  Dang, but technology can sure be a headache at times.

This is my day 4 result for the double take challenge.  I decided to showcase the elements that I have created over the past couple of months.  All bar the birds and butterflies (tubes I have had forever) are my own work.  Thanks for takin a peek!