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Sue, that is a great way to create your own background for that Day 2 project. It is so easy to use just about any image (good or bad) and play with the effects in PSP to create something totally new! For the Day 3 project, did you use a mask on the edge of the right image? It is a fun edge.

David, success!! Those little elements on the left, are placeholders. I know I didn’t put much emphasis on those in the tutorial. Since they are separate layers, you can remove them or replace them by some other decorative elements if you want, as they are typically not meant to stay as-is (although sometimes, they are fun to have, and you can just change the color and add a shadow to make them “match” your project. Keep it up!

Alicia, those boats and pelicans pages are great. I like how you rotated the template to make something unique and very pleasing to the eye. For your Day 2, that is really impressive!!! It is such a great idea to get the inspiration from the arch and translate that into the shape of the photos. Great work!

Libera, that font is great to read. I use that sometimes too, when I have some text to add. I think you are having fun creating your own templates!

Annie, great photos and great layout. I think that the journaling is a little bit hard to read. Maybe it was just a little squished sideways? I think we should notify Unsplash of all the great layouts you make to showcase their photos!!!

Shirley, sorry to hear about your computer! Don’t worry if you start late. It is not a contest or a speed challenge. Start when you are ready.

Marisia, that is an interesting page on the left. It looks like some photos were a bit distorted though. You might want to have a look at this tutorial. For the right side, with the text, it is hard to read that text. Maybe you could try to have the text on an area where the paper is not flipped, or even flip a smaller section of the page.