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Sue, you are more than welcome to show off the layout you did last year. It surely will inspire others.

Sharon, I hope you got the Day 1 now?

Shutterpixi, I love how you tweaked the original template. That is exactly the spirit. Although one can use a template, the template does not have to limit us. Your extending some areas for larger photos is perfect. You could even reuse the same template many times, always with some changes and they will always look different (yet, quite consistent).

Libera, of course, why make it easy when you can work harder! 😉 I am glad you are finding additional ways to “practice” with your PSP and you also end up with a great project. Personally, because you are using a green gradient for the background, I would have used a different color than the green. Maybe a pink from one of your flowers?

David, were you able to address your PSD issue?

If anyone reads this and has NOT received their Day 1, make sure you send me an email by clicking on the yellow rectangle on the right of this page. I will send you a copy manually.