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Sharon Wilke
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Dawn, thank you so much for your encouraging comment! I had completely forgotten about the Sheilsoft Script bundle that I picked up a while back. All the filters I used was in that bundle. I have to shout out a big Thank You to Carole again. She has them listed in the Resources section. If it hadn’t been for Carole I wouldn’t even know they existed.

Annie, overall I’m happy with the 2020 version of PSP. There are some differences with the Text tool but I’m about to get that sorted out. The brushes seem to be working better and slightly faster than before. I do get a bad slow down in the software when I first choose a tool that uses the brushes I have loaded. Perhaps I have too many brushes loaded LOL! I wish we had a brush management program like the fonts have. There are some really nice new brushes that I haven’t explored to any depth but I really like them. Also there are new gradients and patterns as well. Lots of stuff to play with! The GRFX Studio is awesome and I’ve definitely got to play with it some more. The background paper for the lighthouse was created with it. I’m not a photographer so I can’t really provide much input from their side of things, but this version seems to be geared toward that aspect. I’ll have to practice some more to get beyond amateur.

I know they say simple minds, simple pleasures. I’m living proof of that! I just had to share another experiment that I learned from Carole. I watched the Brush Variance tutorials 1 and 2 and I learned how to make CHEESE!! I’m a happy camper now!