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So, Sue, is it a boy or a girl?

Linda J, using a monochrome page to make your photo stand out however, if you added some colors instead of just greys, it might still make your papers show up without overpowering the photo. Maybe some soft blues? Or greens to show off the blue of the sky. Just an idea.

Patti, nice layout. Did you add a shadow to the paper where you wrote the text?

Susan, good catching up.

Linda, you are definitely doing very well. Those are often small details that are so easy to overlook. And thank you for helping Jnet.

Jnet, j’aurais tendance à diminuer un peu les ombres. Si tu regardes les rubans de près, ils ont l’air de flotter. Peut-être une ombre un peu plus mince, et moins floue collerait tes rubans sur ta page. 🙂