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Linda, in your layout Namesakes, have a peek at the leaves on the bottom left. Notice the edges of the leaves: the dark edges are facing up while the light edges are facing down. This is inconsistent with the shadows you added everywhere else on your layout. That particular element would probably need to be flipped upside down, if you can find a way to incorporate it in the existing arrangement.

Edie, you have very nice flowers!

Cristina, do I see that the shadow on the starfish is a bit large than the one on the frame? That is a great little detail to think of.

Patti, you really caught up very well with those three layouts.

Jerri, it looks like you might have squished someone on your photos. You have to be very careful when resizing an image to NEVER resize up/down or left/right, but always with a corner handle while the Pick tool is set to Scale. If needed, you have to crop the photo but never try to fit it in. And yes, you are posting in the right place.