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Eileen, are you getting an error when you upload? Points to consider;

  • you cannot upload a .pspimage file. If you want to show your work, you have to save it in a .jpg format
  • you need to resize the image; if you try to upload a very large image, it won’t like it. Resize it to 600 pixels for better results
  • are you cliking the Upload images button at the bottom of the box when you write your post?

Rhonda, are you placing the shadows on the bottom left on purpose? Just a curiosity question. Your shadows are all consistent, which is what is required. It is just less common to have it on the bottom left, as we tend to use the bottom right. But as long as you are consistent, it would be great. May I suggest that you either resize or arrange your title so it does not go on top of the paper? The paper has a shadow (perfect) but then, the title does not and if it is “printed” on the paper, it could not go on top of that paper. Just a little detail.

Patti, I guess you don’t need a saucer if it is a cup of coffee! 🙂