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I decided to show the current results of my making of :-). So many ideas, so many pics and so on ….. But it has to come to an end somehow. The font all over is “Buggy” with the gradients “goldent time” and “forest tones”, I like it but it is not really appropriate when you want to insert a bit more text. Background color the “golden time” gradient too. Little changes for day 1 and 3.  For day 4a I used the log digits Carole sent us a few days ago to write 2016 and 2019 and colored in green. Not much story. I wanted more to let the photos speak. I had an unexpected problem with the size of day 7 after saving the psp.format in jpg. Don’t know what did I wrong and hope it will not be awfully big after the upload.

First Day1-3

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