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I had one long post with feedback on most projects that I posted a couple of days ago, but I cannot find it, so I apologize for being seemingly absent. I had responded to everyone. I still look at EVERY post. Let’s see if I can repeat my previous post plus add for the more posts uploaded afterward.

Shutterpixi, even if you started later, it is fine. It is not a contest or a speed test. The text with the hanging Y does make the title really part of the overall page. I like that.

Jean, those birds are great. Did you take those photos? That double page looks great. Imagine that on a double page spread on a printed version of the magazine!

Annie, you just pick suh beautiful photos (although let’s admit it, those photos at Unsplash are usually fantastic!). That one photo of flowers in the desert is quite impressive.

Lynda, I feel like going RVing with you!

Trish, the frame around the title of the cover page really does fit very well. Using a map for a background paper is just brilliant for your theme. The collage is absolutely ok. It is your magazine! And no, there is no single winner. If there were, it would have to be randomly picked as everyone has posted something unique.

Sue, are those your gardens? That collage you did looked familiar 🙂 Glad to see that the techniques from one class is reused in another project.

Barb, if you had not put that mention (somebody is watching) I probably would not have looked as closely. Why not put something intriguing like that in the title or even as some text?

Wanda, those vertical slots are definitely more challenging but I find that you managed very well. Also, with such a creative cropping of the photos, they tend to attract attention. If you were really stuck and had only horizontal images, you could have rotated the templates too.

Mireille, bonne utilisation du texte en deux couleurs. Pour le vectoriel, le texte est toujours en vectoriel, donc aussitôt que tu utilises cet outil, un nouveau calque vectoriel sera créé. Tu n’as pas le choix.

Kim, what are those big red “boxes”?

Lyn, will you end up with a magazine about buildings? You can always go back and change the cover if you want.

Alicia, that yellow background really reminds me of the National Geographics. Interestingly, I have one copy on my desk and yes, I see that yellow! For the Flood Fill (or any other tool), there are often so many settings that I don’t think of listing them all as typically, I would use the default, yet, occasionally one setting could be accidentally changed and cause headaches like yours. I think I might have enoug examples to write a blog post about such unexpected settings that mess up tools!

Sharon C., the important part is what it looks like to YOU, on YOUR computer. We certainly cannot have such big pages in the forum as it would take so much time to load the pages! We have a great overview nevertheless. Your garden looks wonderful. How long did it take you to build it all?

Marisia, if you want to showcase your tags without turning our heads, you can rotate the templates.

Sharon W. just like I mentioned to Wanda, creatively cropped photos vertically is visually more intriguing and adds interest to a page.

Patti, I like the background papers you used. It matchs the theme very well.

Marlene, we got to visit that place with you. I didn’t even know it existed.

Cristina, using Pic-to-Painting makes for a fantastic cover page.

Barbara, I love your creativity in using those staples! great idea.

Bonnie, even if the email series is over, the thread will stay open and you can post your projects. How did your team do at the games?

Libera, nature is an unending source of inspiration when we take the time to look at it. For the gradient, if you used it recently, you should be able to retrieve it by right-clicking on the “larger” swatches, unless you were using the Foreground-background gradient, in which case, it would not keep the actual colors.