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Jnet, where are you going to bring us? (où vas-tu nous amener?)

Sue, will we see your little corner of the world?

Lynda, it is ok to take liberties. Although the challenge and tutorials will be very basic, there is absolutely no rule against doing something slightly different. After all, I keep repeating that YOU are the designer. The templates are meant to be tools.

Sharon, what do you find difficult with templates?

Barbara, that is a pretty bird. Interesting how you added the photo smaller on a larger fill. And why not?!

Barb, those colors are wonderful! You know, if you want the title to be a bit larger, you can make it into two lines. That is an option even when you have it rotated as you did. As far as a first visit to the Campus, welcome, and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any question.

Marisia, looking forward to see your projects. I do wonder how you will use the template with tags! I am curious 🙂