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trish williams
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Thank you Carole and Libera, gradient problem solved itself, must of been a glitch as was the 64 nad 32, perhaps what the technition did is self sorting itself back where thing should be, although a lot are not working. Carole you said light version, I bought mirage I dont remember light version being onĀ  it, and it only gives 2 options for saving video one and thwe wmv, dont know where you would use them. it would be more interesting in a gif, I tried the video on here and it wouldnt post alough it posted fine on FB.

Well tried the ship in the bottle, quite interesting, used 2 pictures, one for background , other in the bottle, added a ship tube, duplicate the back and cut to overlap bottle, extracted bottle and added that, added rope and cap, made tag out of vector and some splashes to finish.