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LOL, Debbie. Five minutes is about my attention span, too.

Just want to reiterate how inspired I get from everyone’s work. I love looking at all of it even if I haven’t commented much lately.

Made this for my gaming group today. A couple of years ago I got a great big free batch of crafty clip art elements from Design Bundles that finally came in handy. I also used some fun free fonts that I think I got from dafont – Patchwork Stitchlings for the title and Lesley’s Crafts for the decorative images in the corners. Used the ellipse tool with the dashed line style, no background, to mimic stitching around the white circle. I tried that with the rectangle tool for the stitching around the outer edges, but it didn’t come out the way I wanted. Then I remembered Cass’s Creative Scrap tutorial where she taught us how to do stitching using fonts. I got a much better result that way. The last step was to add a hatch texture to all the layers to make them look like cloth. Oh, and the three little women under the paint palette are characters from the game.

After I posted it to my group, I noticed a few tweaks I should have made, but that’s where my attention span gets in my way. I go to fix one thing and forget about what I was doing in the first place. 🙂

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated, my friends.

~ Michele