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Sue Thomas
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Thank you  for the  lovely comments on the very simple  but effective layout on the flower ecard.  Many of you will know that I’m not one for making a busy layout.  Libera the adjustment layers are very easy to use, and even after you have completed the project you can go back and change those layers in the psp file, as long you don’t merge them down. Firstly locate the adjustment  layer tool.  I can be found at the very bottom of the layers pallet, the second icon from the left, hover your mouse  over the icons and it and it will tell you what  each tool is.  Now to begin, using the selection tool, select all.  With the  main photo selected, click on the adjustment layer, and select brightness and contrast, adjust the  brightness, to your liking, and click ok.  Now contact the selection to your liking, and hit the delete key, while the adjustment layer is selected.  Now go back to the main photo, and contract  the selection again, select adjustment layer, brightness and contrast, and click ok.  Contract again, and  hit the delete key.  Go back to the main photo, and repeat.  You can also start from the inside, and expand, or use circles, or any shape in the  selection tool box.   I save then as a psp images,  leaving the layers in tact.  For the outside border, I selected all, contract,  invert, and use a small inner bevel, to emphasise a small frame, neat frame.  I hope  you are able to follow these instruction.  Myself and I’m sure others  would like to see  one of your adjustment layer projects.