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Thanks a lot Annie for the precisions about the string. Practicing is really the right word. I try to go on every day a little bit more after work and it is even relaxing.

The sreenshot of Mireille made me curious and look over again my little problem with the shape tool. By this way I discovered the mistake I did with the tool and my so loved gradients :-).

Thanks a lot Cristina for your kind comment and the informations used for your work. It is a real pretty way to welcome spring and put “Ludwigshöhe” in scene with those letters.

All the works here show how creative you are. Your different and successful ways to approach circles, strings, stitching and letters are most inspiring particularly for a newbie in scrapbooking. I never imagined doing this before but I am really happy to have discovered this forum, it is most encouraging to go on learning.

And this makes me speak/write english again, so don’t hesitate to tell me if I do a mistake. Additionally to this I would like to say other ideas, suggestions and tips for my works are always welcome. I say this because when I placed my first work and sandwich under “Feedback request” I was surprised to have no reaction. As Cassel always says “don’t be shy”, lol again!

Nice sunday for all of you. Here where I live in Germany is another hot day today, not spring, already summer feeling, 24° at half of the day!