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Hi Carole, hi Bitte!

I just discovered this post yesterday, i don’t know if it is still interesting as information. I have the Inkscape-version 0.92 and it is possible to save the shape as wmf-file, open it in PSP and export it to a shape. But if you colorize for example your shape in Inkscape before, the result is another when opening the wmf in PSP. I do not know at the present time why this happens and i think because i do not have experience and knowledge enough in both.  It looks like the images attached. Number 1 is originally a svg-file and Number 2 the wmf-file, but can’t be uploaded here, so i turned them in png.

I don’t know what is happening, the images inverted again and with the wrong numbering and false description. The colorized one is number 1 and the other number 2.

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