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Barbara, that picture is perfect for the page!

Marisa, your first scrapbook project is great looking. Is that your first time doing scrapbooking?

Annie, it really looks like a friendly big baby!

HF, it is great how you used a strip of paper that is not completely even. I think it is from a photo?

Cristina, did you place all those buttons one by one?

Trish, that background paper is perfect for the water/beach theme! And for the second project, you did a good job as aligning the images. Interesting that you “rotated” the overall layout, but it works very well!

Mary, glad to see you in this challenge and happy that you learned something useful.

Mireille, is that Incana on the picture?

Sharon, yes, that kit is perfect for a pizza party!

Anja, did you put those veggies on the small plate because you didn’t want to eat them or because it is an additional serving? The bevelling really add some dimension to the dishes and silverware.

Else, one page per child will be a great collection of images and pages for the family.

Annie, I love the little critters. You can probably enlarge and blur the shadow on the flower as it is probably “thicker” than the other elements on your page.

Great work so far everyone. Keep those coming.