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Deana, with those three versions, you can see how versatile a single tile can be! You can change the scale, change the color, even change the angle!

Teri, if you want the picture of Tucker to be “painted” on, you can use that layer instead of a paint layer so that once you have created the “scratches” (in black and white), you can delete parts of that picture. Of course, you need to make sure not to remove too much.

Sharon, is it possible you forgot to invert the selection to create your doily? It looks like you kept the holes instead of the paper. Very nice design though. Use those holes and add a paper.

Jnet, il faut éviter de toucher la ligne de démarcation pour que les trous ne se chevauchent pas. Si tu touches la ligne, il faut que ce soit bien centré et avec une forme symmétrique (comme un cercle). (Et aucune idée pourquoi des mots se perdent; peux-tu juste éditer le post quand tu remarques cela?)

Translation: in order to avoid any overlapping of the designs in the doilies, you have to make sure you don’t touch the lines when you create the design. If you need or want to touch the line, it has to be with a symmetrical shape (like a circle) and perfectly centered on it.

Shutterpixi, maybe the initial doily could be colorized in a green tint to blend in too? If it is a solid color, the details will show up more than with a pattern.