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Yes, Annie, I do use 2019 Ultimate. It locks up occasionally, but the other night was particularly frustrating as I use pictures tubes every day to watermark my work for the gaming group as I share them with other groups. It just kept locking up every time I closed it with Task Manager which was at least a dozen times. It was perfectly fine the next day, but I also think I might have installed an update that night. My version now reads

Teri, that’s a wonderful page you made; the dotted swiss pattern was perfect to highlight the tinted pic. I have a lot of resources I downloaded when I first started digital art, and I also don’t know where they came from. What I do now is rename each file to include the source. It’s time consuming, but I like to give credit when using FTU items. It’s nice enough that people share for free, they should at least get the credit.

Cristina, Sharon, admitting we have a problem is the first step towards recovery. LOL

~ Michele