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Sharon, great layouts. At the rate you’re going, be careful that you don’t run out of pictures!

Here’s last night’s pic from my gaming group. The background was free from Pixabay. I added another happy little tree off in the distance and dropped some petals around for good measure. The avatar is from the game. I don’t remember for sure, but the dress started out either green or blue. I used the smart selection brush to select it and the colorizing adjustment to remove the color. The change to target brush helped me turn it into a pink dress. Pinned a little cherry blossom spray in her hair and she was ready for the day. The font is Autumn Embrace Floral, a freebie from Creative Market. Added a few borders, 3-D buttonized it and had an easy frame. Hope you like it.

I actually had a rough time of it. I made a cherry blossom picture tube that I was going to use to decorate the frame, but I ran into trouble. Lately when I create a tube PSP tells me it’s a duplicate when I try to use it, even though it’s not. Then the program locks up on me. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m putting it to bed for the day and hope it’s better tonight.

~ Michele