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Sharon, do you mean that you are missing patterns in the Patterns tab of the Materials Properties window? If so, there are some extras that are available on the Home page, under More Content > Creative Content > Creative Content Pack. That will include picture tubes, brushes, patterns, etc.

Now, the tiling effect is done automatically when you use a pattern as a material. So if you create a 500 pixels pattern, save it in the Patterns folder, and select it in the Materials Properties, it will automatically tile for you in whatever surface you are going to be using it. Of course, if the tile is 500 pixels and you fill a 3600-pixel page, you MIGHT have visible seams, depending on how you created your pattern in the first place; some patterns will be seamless, others won’t. Also, if you fill out a wide surface will show seams more than if you use it for a thin stroke around a shape. A good example of a seamless pattern is in the Polkadot pattern, in the Creative Scrap tutorials page. Then, a lot of those paper patterns will end up being seamless so follow almost any of them and you will see how it works.

And let us know how it goes.