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Ann Siegert
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I have a goal this year of getting all of my old photos finally digitally scrapped.  The background here is that I had paper scrapped about 1000 pages through the years.  They covered time starting a little before my husband was born through about 2003.  I was still working on paper scrapping when my daughter turned to digital scrapping.  So, my first digital scrapbook covered most of 2011.  Since then I have tried to keep current and go back and digitally scrap the gap between the end of 2003 and the end of 2010.  It has been a huge goal but I am closing in on it with only about 4 years left to get done.  My current workflow is to open pages, “drop” pictures on them, write in a text date, and save in a psp form rather than jpeg.  When I have close to 111 pages to print as a Shutterfly book, I then actually finish them.  So I only have things to show as I am finishing a book but I do steadily peck away at this goal.  I love digital scrapping and Cassel’s Campus.  She is so kind to assist whenever I get stumped and my pages have more variation since I joined the Campus.