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Now i have tried several times not using  Paste + E but the problem is back.

I  thought it might be when i start with grid and snap to grid så i tried only with grid but the same happens.

This is how i do:

Start with  a document 900×800 pxl and grid 100. I place a dot  in the upper left square.

Now i start  the scipt.

In layer i rightclick >duplicate and mowe the dot   until all squares has a dot.

I stop the script.

When i try the script i put an oval –  this time  – in the upper left square and then start the script. Then every oval becomes larger almost round and fill up  each square.

I wrote about my problem again thinking perhaps someone had the sam problem and found out how to do.

I’ m a bit lazy  so i would be happy to find aout a way to use the script for duplicating.