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Marlene Lingham
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I figured that if I was going to put myself anywhere it should be somewhere I probably wouldn’t go normally, so I picked the lion enclosure at the Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo, NSW. The photo of us was after we had been on a helicopter ride over the Great Barrier Reef, only 10 minutes but well worth it.

I picked a photo of a lion that seemed to looking towards the empty space. I tried a few positions for the photo of us and finally decided that putting us on the grassy area looked more realistic. I added a new layer above us, then cloned some of the grass, trying to make it look as though we were standing in it. I ended up using the eraser with a very low opacity to remove some of the grass so our shoes sort of showed through. The shadows are hardly there in from of us, but there didn’t look to be too many shadows on the lion photo.

The only thing I’m not sure about is the relative size of us to the lion.