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AUS, I must return the compliment!. Miss Kitty is 21?!?! WOW. She is a beauty. Also love, love, love your frame and bow.

SUE THOMAS, really wish I could see more of your beautiful¬† photos of wildlife. Your photo of the snowy owl was awesome, that’s a difficult photo to get, not only with the owl itself but the white background can pose problems. Seems scrapbooking is a great way to show off you photography skills. Loved all of your work.

SHANNON COOPER, Loved seeing your quilts. They were beautiful. As a quilter myself, I can sure appreciated your work.


ALICIA, Your pages of NOLA were great! Hits close to home as I have some of the same places depicted in my photos!

I have enjoyed this so much! You people are awesome! Gonna miss y’all. Maybe the next bootcamp?

CASSEL, Can’t thank you enough for your time, patience and effort. You made learning a pleasure.